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Rule of Law


23 Aug 14
Observers warn that wide-ranging changes are needed to combat recent wave of militant strikes.
Mikheil Saakashvili delivers a speech in 2012, during his time as president of Georgia. (Photo: OSCE/Flickr)
21 Aug 14
Analysts note that legal moves look like political retaliation and could alienate allies in the EU and US.
A Tajik border guard. (Photo: Nozim Kalandarov)
30 Jul 14
Military authorities must condemn violent culture, deal with abuses, and offer compensation, rights groups say.
A jirga - the village council convened to resolve disputes and fix compensation for crimes. Khost province, 2012. (Photo: Farid Zaher)
14 Jul 14
With modern firearms, tradition of shooting into the air leads to casualties and lasting feuds.
The High Court in Nairobi. (Photo: Ting Chen Wing/Flickr)
27 May 14
Recent murders of women who testified against a man accused of violent crime expose serious flaws in the system.
7 May 14
Security forces say they lack manpower and resources to properly investigate crimes.
President Kenyatta has signed the new law after it was passed by Kenya's parliament in March. (Photo: David Scannell/Flickr)
2 May 14
Legislation condemned as a major setback for women.
Legal experts have welcomed the ruling in the Wambora case as a chance for the judiciary to re-establish its power. (Photo: Ting Chen Wing/Flickr)
29 Apr 14
Some lawyers say it was wise to rein in legislators, but warn against judges meddling in politics.
 Elchin Qubadov, whose farmland has been seized to build a new airport. (Photo: Gular Mehdizade)
25 Apr 14
On latest construction site, villagers say their farmland was taken before anyone offered them compensation.