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Rule of Law


Afghan women attend an IWPR debate in Kandahar, September 30, 2015. (Photo: IWPR)
21 Oct 15
Lack of support for those who try to make formal complaints of gender-based violence.
11 Sep 15
Five deaths under unclear circumstances suggest culture of violence continues.
9 Sep 15
What price legitimacy if the ruling elite doesn’t always abide by the law?
Kyrgyz prime minister Temir Sariev (right) with Kazak deputy prime minister Bakytjan Sagintaev at the ceremony marking the official end of customs procedures, August 12, 2015. (Photo: Kyrgyz government website)
25 Aug 15
Exporters say customs controls with Kazakstan remain in place despite launch of free trade rules.
The Russian army base at Gyumri. (Photo: Armine Martirosyan)
24 Aug 15
Murder trial still to take place in an Armenian court.
Kamchybek Kolbaev in court in Kyrgyzstan in 2014. (Photo:
14 Jul 15
Organised crime has had a symbiotic relationship with the political world for years.
Kyrgyzstan’s Constitutional Chamber in session. (Photo: Timur Toktonaliev)
3 Jul 15
President agrees tactical retreat on controversial legislation, but insists change is inevitable.
30 Jun 15
Returning to families can be as hard as finding work.
Judge Klara Sooronkulova at the Constitutional Chamber meeting where she was taken off the biometric law case. May 27, 2015. (Photo: Timur Toktonaliev)
26 Jun 15
Case highlights wider concerns about an executive that seems to be trying to mould the constitutional court into a weak, pliable institution.
23 Jun 15
Debate participants say the National Solidarity Programme's projects are not always well run.