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Rule of Law


New rules are in place in Diyala, seeking to ensure mosques to do not preach violence. (Photo: Ali Mohammed)
21 Jul 10
Diyala authorities introduce controversial rules to curb incendiary sermons.
15 Jul 10
Detention of cleric for pro-Saddam action seen as violation of his freedom of speech.
Abdul Hakeem Ahmed al-Daraji, older brother of Hameed al-Daraji, a Christian convert and former US military interpreter who was shot dead last month, watches as police search his brother's house in Samarra the day after he was killed. Security officials say the victim's son confessed to the killing. (Photo: Mahmud Salih)
Special Report
9 Jul 10
Murder of alleged convert shows religious traditions in conflict with judicial authority.
First Person
3 Jun 10
How attempt to challenge electricity bill led to trail through Azerbaijan’s bureaucratic maze.