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Voting during parliamentary election in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, 1 November 2015. (Photo: Aziz Karimov/RFE-RL)
5 Dec 19
Participants hope to boost political involvement and awareness.
IWPR's civil society partners meet with members of the international community during the event hosted by the UK Embassy to Libya. (Photo: Abby Tillman/IWPR)
Project Highlight
19 Nov 19
IWPR’s work with women-led NGOs highlighted at embassy event.
Participants enthralled in a workshop. (Photo: Davit Mdzinarishvili)
Project Highlight
11 Jul 19
Multidisciplinary event aims to combat disinformation and build civic resilience.
A dedicated space for driving lessons. (Photo: Mustafa al-Jalal)
17 Oct 17
Bold initiative challenges conservative prejudices.
Afghan women prepare to weave a traditional rug. (Photo: Canada in Afghanistan/Flickr)
8 Feb 16
Vocational training programmes prove highly successful in eastern province.
21 Apr 15
Efforts to achieve equality at provincial level still falling far short.
21 Jun 13
Drive to promote Kyrgyz language could leave minorities out in the cold.
Sayed Mohammad Yazdan Parast is a successful presenter and news editor with Radio Nehad, Mazar-e Sharif.
1 Jul 10
Successful news editor and presenter overcame disability, prejudice and low expectations.
4 Jun 10
UN report found that 100,000 Iraqis have fled their homes since 2005 due to water shortages.