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Mélanie Gouby

Mélanie Gouby
DRC Multimedia Producer

Stories by the author

Mélanie Gouby
9 Nov 11
Flawed preparations for upcoming ballot means results likely to be disputed, and may even provoke violence.
Melanie (centre) and to the right Marie, wearing white, green and yellow top, on assignment in Kibua. (Photo: Tom Bradley)
Mélanie Gouby
18 Oct 11
Radio report by IWPR Congolese trainee elicits help for thousands of civilians uprooted by fighting in eastern DRC.
Election workers in Bunia, Ituri, explain the electoral process to voters before the second round of presidential and provincial elections in 2006. (Photo: UN Photo: Martine Perret)
Mélanie Gouby
28 Jul 11
Evidence of badly mismanaged registration process does not augur well for elections later this year.
Uvira, South Kivu. (Photo: Melanie Gouby)
Mélanie Gouby
13 Jun 11
IWPR journalist and local trainee set out to report on efforts to combat alarming form of child abuse.
Like many radio stations in eastern DRC, RTNC is seriously under-resourced, with limited means to produce and broadcast programmes. Equipment and working conditions are rudimentary. (Photo: Mélanie Gouby)
Mélanie Gouby
6 Apr 11
Radio stations in DRC, short of funds and equiipment, are determined to stay on air.
Militia weapons handed in to the UN as part of DRC demobilisation process. (Photo: UN Photo/Martine Perret)
Mélanie Gouby, Passy Mubalama
31 Jan 11
Some activists say that the country is still too violent for its abolition.
Constance and Johnny dancing on their wedding day,
Mélanie Gouby
21 Jan 11
Congolese journalists speak of love, work and relationships as one of their colleagues prepares to tie the knot.
Mélanie Gouby, Passy Mubalama, Desanges Kihuha
29 Oct 10
Poverty forces thousands of children into taking on exhausting and dangerous work.
Aerial view of internal displacement camps in North Kivu, a region where the FDLR has been active. (Photo: UN Photo/Marie Frechon)
Mélanie Gouby
19 Oct 10
High-profile arrest marks new stage in ICC’s Kivu investigation, but observers say it needs to be followed by further action to prevent more atrocities.
Many Goma residents have put up homes wherever they can in this sprawling city. (Photo: UN Photo/Marie Frechon)
Mélanie Gouby, Nicole Tambite, Passy Mubalama
24 Aug 10
City residents claim they were wrongfully evicted to make way for urban development.