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Hafizullah Gardesh

Hafizullah Gardesh
Senior Local Editor, Afghanistan

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Abdullah Abdullah (left) and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. (Photos: US embassy Kabul/Flickr)
Hafizullah Gardesh
10 Jul 14
Amid accusations of vote-rigging, analysts warn of turbulent times ahead.
Defending Tajikistan’s border with Afghanistan presents huge challenges, not least because of the steep terrain. This river marks the frontier. (Photo: Citt/Flickr)
Hilvatshoh Mahmud, Hafizullah Gardesh
17 Jun 14
Concerns that militant and drug-trafficking threats might rise after NATO-led forces leave Afghanistan.
A female voter holds up a finger with ink on it showing she has voted, and preventing her from doing so again. (Photo: IWPR Afghanistan)
Hafizullah Gardesh, Mina Habib
16 Jun 14
Election officials say more than seven million voted in second round of presidential election.
Pakistan's national security advisor Sartaj Aziz greets US Secretary of State John Kerry, July 2013. (Photo: US State Department/Wikimedia Commons)
Hafizullah Gardesh
7 Feb 14
Comments from senior figure seen as deliberate ploy to undermine Karzai administration.
US Navy serviceman on security detail in Farah province. The Afghan president is resisting conditions set out in a security pact which Washington says are essential if American forces are to remain beyond 2014.  (Photo: ISAF Public Affairs)
Hafizullah Gardesh
26 Nov 13
President refuses to accept decision by a gathering he himself called.
A previous loya jirga, held in 2002, confirmed Hamed Karzai as Afghan president. (Photo: US State Department)
Mina Habib, Hafizullah Gardesh
18 Nov 13
Delegates from all over the country to discuss outstanding points of difference, including whether American soldiers can be prosecuted.
Hafizullah Gardesh, Mina Habib
1 Nov 13
Experts believe that if Tehran begins building a better relationship with the West, it could ease Afghan-Iranian tensions.
US Secretary of State John Kerry and President Hamed Karzai in Kabul, October 12, 2013. (Photo: US State Department/Flickr)
Hafizullah Gardesh
15 Oct 13
Talks falter on central issue of immunity for American troops post-2014.
Hafizullah Gardesh, Mina Habib
2 Jul 13
Critics say selection process was less than transparent and some members are too close to the old paramilitary factions.
Nawaz Sharif (left). (Photo: US Defence Department/R.D. Ward)
Hafizullah Gardesh, Mina Habib
28 May 13
Incoming Pakistani prime minister seen as serial meddler in Afghan affairs, but some hope things will now change.