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Gayane Mkrtchyan

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Ashot Melikyan, Head of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression. (Photo: Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
6 Aug 20
Disinformation – sometimes spread by medical experts - has become a serious public health threat.
Pope Francis will begin a three-day trip to Armenia on June 24. (Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
22 Jun 16
The event has national as well as spiritual significance for the region’s smallest country.
Istanbul's Gedik Pasa district, where a lot of migrants work. (Photo: Gayane Mirzoyan)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
19 Jun 15
Talk of deportation highlights vulnerability of migrant workers.
Gayane Mkrtchyan
20 Feb 15
Government blamed after patients contracted the disease while undergoing routine operations.
Placards held by protesters opposed to changes in maternity benefits outside the government building in Yerevan on October 30. The one on the left says “You’ve abolished wealth tax but you’re trying to cut maternity benefits?”, the other “Don’t deprive working women of the money they have earned”. (Photo: Gayane Mkrtchyan)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
13 Nov 14
As government says it can’t afford current benefit spending, women’ rights activists say it can’t afford not to encourage childbirth.
Business owners protest outside the government building in Yerevan, September 29. (Photo: Photolure agency).
Gayane Mkrtchyan
24 Oct 14
Government backtracks on the timing of new tax rules after protests by small businesses.
Moscow State University’s original building, reconstructed after the fire of 1812. (Photo: A. Savin/Wikimedia Commons)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
26 Sep 14
Decision to open a branch of Moscow university seen as attempt to strengthen Russia's hand in the country.
Yezidis protest outside the Armenia government building on August 7. (Photo: Boris Murazi)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
22 Aug 14
Some argue that Armenians have a special responsibility to help given their own tragic history.
Jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan gives an open-air concert in defence of the Afrikyan House on June 24. (Photo: Nazik Armenakyan)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
14 Jul 14
Campaign groups now find that politicians are interested in their causes.
Demonstration against rising electricity prices in Yerevan. (Photo: Nazik Armenakyan)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
7 Jul 14
Consumers ask why they should pay for result of mismanagement.