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Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa

Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa

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Islam – or rather the regime’s interpretation of it – is likely to figure large in any new constitution.
Katy Glassborow, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Zakia Yousif
8 Jul 11
As Khartoum prepares for future without South Sudan, women’s groups say its recent human rights record doesn’t bode well for new era.
Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa
4 May 11
UN peacekeepers distribute water to Darfuris. (Photo: UNAMID - Olivier Chassot)
Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow, Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa
7 Jan 11
Agencies said to be reluctant to confront Sudanese government about obstructions to humanitarian aid effort.
ICC prosecutors allege that Khartoum has been blocking access to camps, delaying the release of nutrition surveys and ultimately delaying the delivery of food aid, all of which they say is further evidence of genocide by attrition. (Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran)
Tajeldin Abdhalla, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Katy Glassborow, Simon Jennings
19 Nov 10
ICC prosecutors say situation is further evidence of an ongoing genocide campaign in Darfur.
Experts say traditional forms of justice could help Darfuris resolve local disputes. (Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran/Flickr)
Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Simon Jennings, Blake Evans-Pritchard
28 Sep 10
Some believe traditional ways of resolving disputes should be encouraged to assist with conflict resolution.
Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir was able to travel to Chad and Kenya without the authorities in either country attempting to arrest him.
Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Simon Jennings
3 Sep 10
Experts think sanctions unlikely against countries that fail to act on International Criminal Court indictment.
A refugee camp in Darfur. (Photo: USAID)
Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Simon Jennings
27 Aug 10
Government wants to move displaced Darfuris from Kalma camp to new locations.
President Bashir's visit to Chad was his first to an ICC member state since the Hague court charged him with war crimes in March 2009.
Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Simon Jennings
4 Aug 10
Visit by Sudanese president shows ICC faces numerous obstacles in apprehending him on war crimes charges.
Omar al-Bashir now faces genocide charges, but is any likelier to be arrested? (Photo: UN Photo/Marco Castro)
Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa
16 Jul 10
Implications of ICC genocide indictment for arrest of Sudanese president remain unclear.
Growing calls for scrapping of emergency laws which have left six IDPs in prison for nearly a year without charge. (Photo: USAID)
Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Simon Jennings
9 Jul 10
Year-long detention without charge of six displaced Darfuris leads to demands for scrapping of region’s emergency laws.