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Armine Martirosyan

Armine Martirosyan

Armine Martirosyan is Yerevan correspondent for the Kavkazsky Uzel news site.

Stories by the author

Some families still live in the containers provided as emergency accommodation after the 1988 earthquake. (Photo: Armine Martirosyan)
Armine Martirosyan
11 Nov 15
President pledges that rehousing programme in country’s second city will be complete by late 2016.
A child from one of the Yezidi families now settled in Armenia. (Photo: Armine Martirosyan)
Armine Martirosyan
8 Sep 15
Although Armenia has a longstanding Yezidi community, only a handful of refugees have made it out of Iraq so far.
The Russian army base at Gyumri. (Photo: Armine Martirosyan)
Armine Martirosyan
24 Aug 15
Murder trial still to take place in an Armenian court.
President Serzh Sargsyan and first lady Rita Sargsyan at the Armenian Genocide Day ceremony, April 24, 2015. (Photo: Armenian president's website)
Arevik Sahakyan, Armine Martirosyan
1 May 15
Experts say campaign continues, but needs to evolve.
The Armenian parliament votes on accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, December 3, 2014. (Photo: Photulur agency)
Armine Martirosyan
18 Dec 14
As President Sargsyan stresses economic benefits of joining Russian-led bloc, others fear they are signing up to political union as well.