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Altynai Myrzabekova

A handful of young men have left Batken province in southern Kyrgyzstan in the hope of joining the Syrian rebels. This is Isfana, in the same province. (Photo: Nataev/Wikimedia)
Altynai Myrzabekova, Lola Olimova
28 Jun 13
Only a handful have gone, but intelligence agencies are watching closely.
Altynai Myrzabekova, Saule Mukhametrakhimova
6 Jun 13
Government's opponents are using local grievances to pursue their own interests, analysts say.
Altynai Myrzabekova, Nargis Hamrabaeva
21 May 13
Recent clash shows how niggling resentments can suddenly explode.
Tokmok, a town in northern Kyrgyzstan. (Photo:
Altynai Myrzabekova
25 Apr 13
Residents of Tsarnaev family’s home town say it’s wrong to hang blame on entire ethnic group.
Protests in Kyrgyzstan have become a feature of the spring season. March 2014. (Photo:
Altynai Myrzabekova
15 Mar 13
Political analyst on the protests where economic concerns meet north-south rivalries
View of the Sokh enclave, which belongs to Uzbekistan but is located inside Kyrgyz territory. (Photo: IWPR)
Altynai Myrzabekova, Inga Sikorskaya
15 Feb 13
Fraught political relationship makes fixing local problems that much more difficult.
Kyrgyz politician Aynuru Altybaeva. (Photo courtesy of A. Altybaeva)
Altynai Myrzabekova
14 Feb 13
It took a while, but Aynuru Altybaeva finally convinced her parliamentary colleagues that old "tradition" was criminal behaviour.
Public meeting in Charbak after the violence. (Photo: IWPR)
Altynai Myrzabekova, Inga Sikorskaya, Anvar Khaldarov
11 Jan 13
Row over location of electricity poles erupts into violence, reflecting deeper tensions in Kyrgyz-Uzbek border areas.
Altynai Myrzabekova
9 Nov 12
Women beaten on film as "lesson" to keep other female migrant workers in line.