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The internet is now a forum for debate, and some conflict too, across Central Asia. (Photo: Dina Tokbaeva)
Almaz Rysaliev, Dina Tokbaeva, Lola Olimova
14 Feb 12
Anonymous web postings used to counter online dissent through argument, distraction or abusive comments.
Almaz Rysaliev
17 Jan 12
Ballot outcome predictable, and opposition wouldn’t do any better than current regime, says local journalist.
President Nazarbaev's Nur Otan party remains dominant. (Photo: Serik Kovlanbaev)
Almaz Rysaliev
16 Jan 12
President’s Nur Otan now joined by two other regime-friendly parties in parliament.
Riot unit patrols Janaozen. (Photo: Serik Kovlanbaev)
Almaz Rysaliev
21 Dec 11
After talks with top official, they say they won’t be bought off.
Police encircle journalists in Shetpe, where one man died after police used live fire on protestors on December 17. (Photo courtesy of Respublika news site
Almaz Rysaliev
20 Dec 11
First they imposed news blackout, then they devised alternative narrative for bloodshed.
Crossing-point between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. (Photo: Nozim Kalandarov)
Almaz Rysaliev, Askar Aktalov, Inga Sikorskaya, Dina Tokbaeva
15 Dec 11
Political tensions, trade rules and simple corruption make travel between Central Asian states a complex and unpleasant business.
Almaz Rysaliev
9 Dec 11
More restrictive legislation on the way, experts warn.
This is the spot where police captain Gaziz Baytasov, the last of seven people killed, died when the gunman blew himself up. (Photo: Larisa Taranova)
Almaz Rysaliev
14 Nov 11
Prosecutors say dead gunman had Islamist links.
Residents of Taraz lay flowers at on of the locations where police officers were killed by a suspected Islamic militant. (Photo: Larisa Taranova)
Almaz Rysaliev
14 Nov 11
Suspected Islamist kills seven, blows himself up.
A prayer room for Muslims in a shopping mall in Almaty. This kind of facility will be unaffected by the new law. (Photo: Mirlan Telebarisov)
Almaz Rysaliev
8 Nov 11
Critics decry new legislation as setback for freedom of confession.