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Black smoke billows out of the US embassy grounds. (Photo: Jadal News/
15 Sep 12
Images of September 14 violent protest at US embassy.
Protestors on the embassy walls. (Photo: Jadal News/
14 Sep 12
Police disperse crowd after embassy invasion and violent clashes..
(Photo: IWPR Tunisia)
5 Sep 12
Participants build networks and develop skills in reporting, blogging and production.
24 Feb 12
Newspaper executive released on bail pending trial for image deemed indecent.
View of central Sanaa. Picture taken 2007. (Photo: Fabian Pfeiffer/Flickr)
21 Feb 12
Presidential referendum offers hope of change, even though there’s only one candidate.
Yemeni vice-president Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi is seen as the most likely winner of the February 2012 presidential ballot. (Photo: Almaghi/Wikicommons)
1 Dec 11
Interim leader could replace Ali Abdullah Saleh as elected president but questions remain about how much he would be in control.
This year’s protests in Sanaa have begun to change the perception that Yemeni women should remain in the background. Picture from 2009.(Photo: Francesco Veronesi/Flickr)
17 Nov 11
Revolution seen as opportunity to press for progress in conservative society.
Yemeni women protest in Sanaa. (Photo: Avaaz)
27 Oct 11
Demonstration in Sanaa highlights role of female activists in ongoing uprising.
Journalists trying to cover the Yemeni uprising have come under severe pressure from the authorities. (Photo: Sallam/Flickr)
First Person
24 Oct 11
Exiled journalist describes the threats and intimidation directed against the local press.
The air strike that killed Anwar al-Awlaki (seen here in 2008) came just a week after the Yemeni president returned to the country after a long absence. (Photo: Muhammad ud-Deen/WikiCommons)
5 Oct 11
Timing of intelligence that led to strike against al-Qaeda figure suggests effort to portray President Saleh as last defence against extremists.