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Global Voices

14 Oct 08
He said Serb forces began expelling non-Serbs from village shortly after Vojislav Seselj’s appearance.
26 Sep 08
No consensus among experts on whether court should look into alleged secret agreement to save him from prosecution.
19 Sep 08
Observers wonder why they still haven’t submitted amended indictment.
12 Sep 08
Former government official and journalist accused of pressuring witness in trial of ex-Kosovo prime minister.
11 Sep 08
Local politicians say goal of international recognition should be pursued more strongly in wake of Georgian war.
26 Aug 08
Observers fear Judge Orie’s involvement in past cases could cause problems if he presides over Karadzic trial.
23 Aug 08
They say if the accused are convicted, they should receive long prison terms.
15 Aug 08
Observers slam decision not to allow sexual crimes to be added to indictments.
14 Aug 08
Russia tries to claim moral high ground as both sides allege war crimes.
Briefly Noted
21 Jul 08
They are calling for a retrial in case of Kosovo’s former Prime Minister, saying proceedings were unfair.