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Global Voices

14 Feb 09
NGOs say pressing countries to fully cooperate with court in return for progress on accession has done little to repair damage to society.
9 Feb 09
She testifies that Serb police killed all her relatives.
2 Feb 09
He said Belgrade merely implemented anti-terrorist plan to prevent province from seceding.
Briefly Noted
30 Jan 09
Serbian ex-police officer stands accused of crimes against ethnic Albanians.
19 Dec 08
Ex-minister receives five-month prison term – the harshest sentence ever handed down for contempt at Hague tribunal.
26 Nov 08
EU wants bans on extradition overturned – but this is one of many problems facing local judiciaries.
18 Nov 08
But experts say some UN Security Council members want the court closed and may obstruct extension.
4 Nov 08
French journalist is allowed to wait until decision on her request for financial aid is made.
25 Oct 08
While some at Zagreb launch accused former prosecutor of self promotion, others praised her decision to speak out.