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26 May 09
Observers say the union must do more to promote lasting peace in region.
23 May 09
Witness says he left his Kosovo home out of fear of Serbian forces’ attacks, not because of NATO campaign.
30 Apr 09
But acquittal of three other defendants provokes anger reaction from victims’ relatives.
30 Apr 09
One says he was so close to crime scene that he heard noise of vehicles digging graves.
25 Apr 09
Kosovo Albanian man accuses Yugoslav army of attacking and killing ethnic Albanian civilians.
17 Apr 09
But Croatian president Stjepan Mesic says that’s “out of the question”.
2 Mar 09
Some lawyers say it highlights fairness of tribunal while many Serbs say conviction of co-accused points to the opposite.
22 Feb 09
He says he survived Serb police execution of scores of Albanian villagers.
18 Feb 09
IWPR identifies potential staffing problem which could undermine tribunal’s work.
14 Feb 09
Court shown video footage he took of dozens of dead Kosovo Albanian villagers.


Photo Gallery

Young people protesting in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi, condemning the raids organised by the Georgian police at Bassiani night club. Some demonstrators compared it with the Russian style crackdowns and held placards saying "We do not need another Putin here". (Photo: IWPR)
What was behind the demonstrations that led to the brink of “civil war”?