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Global Voices

4 Sep 09
OSCE mission head says justice needs responsible reporting of war crimes trials.
20 Aug 09
Villagers refrained from burying murdered relatives believing ICC required bones as evidence against perpetrators.
24 Jul 09
Tribunal appeals chamber reverses contempt conviction.
21 Jul 09
Witness says Serb police and military units forced her and others to leave their village in western Kosovo.
4 Jul 09
Activist testifies that controversial material in book was already well known despite a confidentiality order of Hague tribunal.
28 Jun 09
International monitor says “joint control post” coordinated Yugoslav army and Serb police actions.
20 Jun 09
Prosecutors claim Hartmann deliberately undertook to publish confidential details of judges’ decisions.
15 Jun 09
According to UN doctor, accused claims he is too ill even to watch proceedings via video link.
15 Jun 09
Army officer said irregular Serbian forces in Kosovo were regarded by police officials as a “necessary evil”.
27 May 09
IWPR reports on international and local war crimes trials generate debate in region.