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21 Dec 09
Former Serbian police chief tells tribunal he feared for his life during the conflict.
12 Dec 09
Former head of Serbia’s police says local Serbs only used the weapons for self-defence.
26 Nov 09
Defendant reportedly says he won’t cooperate with new standby counsel and may appeal the appointment.
7 Nov 09
Defence witness tells tribunal that former Croatian general only had administrative role.
30 Oct 09
Both defence and prosecution team appeal over cases of KLA leaders.
3 Oct 09
Witness says members of the Serbian special police unit attacked Kosovo Albanian civilians.
2 Oct 09
Stalemate as prosecutors decline trial chamber’s request to trim charges ahead of trial.
25 Sep 09
Kosovo Serb tells court he helped dig up fresh graves for Yugoslav army and Serbian police.
14 Sep 09
Sole survivor tells how mother and sisters were shot by Serbian police.
13 Sep 09
Says brother-in-law killed during assault by men she believed to be Serbian officers.