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Ammar Al Shahbander with Tony Borden in a picture from 2012. (Photo: IWPR)
15 May 15
IWPR's executive director describes the respect and affection people had for Ammar Al Shahbander.
Placard mourning Ammar Al Shahbander in Baghdad. Photo: Hatem Tome)
14 May 15
After an emotional farewell, colleagues reflect on his contribution in life.
Last Saturday night, in Baghdad, my friend Ammar al-Shahbander went to hear a concert sponsored by a local civic group. It was the kind of request - a fun way to support life going on in Iraq - that he didn’t tend to refuse. (Photo: Ammar Al Shahbander)
7 May 15
Ammar al-Shahbander gave his life to two causes that are never for the faint of heart – Iraq’s future, and the freedom to think and write.
Ammar Al Shahbander, 1973-2015.
In Memoriam
3 May 15
Car bomb claims the life of dearest colleague, husband and father of four.
7 Jan 15
Female leaders from seven countries given skills to conceptualise and plan work on political participation and rights.
7 Jan 15
Training opens police officers' eyes to the importance of community outreach.
30 Oct 14
Caught between Islamic State and the Iraqi military, residents of city in Iraq’s Anbar province describe daily struggle.
25 Sep 14
Islamic State members slaughtered hundreds of Shia inmates after overrunning Mosul jail.
Christian refugees at a church in Ankawa. (Photo: Ali Adil)
11 Sep 14
Displaced families find safe haven in Kurdish region but future offers little hope.
Iraqi troops look in good shape on parade in Baghdad in 2009. (Photo: Commons)
26 Aug 14
"Our commanders departed from the base and left us alone," says soldier who evaded death at ISIS's hands.