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14 Jul 00
Yugoslavs were this week disappointed to learn that an internet news site report on the death of President Slobodan Milosevic was a hacker's prank
7 Jul 00
The booming traffic in illegal immigrants through Bosnia could scupper the nation's chances of European integration
24 Mar 00
In the event of his election victory, how will Vladimir Putin go about reasserting Russia's political and military influence over the South Caucasus?
17 Mar 00
The Baku government's failure to improve social and economic conditions for women has forced many of them to turn to prostitution.
18 Feb 00
Western counties are undermining their own efforts to starve Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic of cash.
12 Nov 99
With the expected signing of a deal on Nagorno-Karabakh derailed by last month's carnage in the Armenian parliament, the Chechen crisis is even more certain to set the agenda for the OSCE summit next week.
18 Mar 99
As the Paris talks ended, both delegations did what had been expected of them. The question then turned to what, after weeks of threats, the West would do.