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23 May 11
IWPR practical and financial support has helped Iraqi media organisations to overcome problems and prosper.
23 May 11
IWPR practical and financial support has helped Iraqi media organisations to overcome problems and prosper.
Editorial Comment
23 May 11
Online access remains a big problem for Iraqis, undermining their right to freedom on expression.
Al-Qaeda has carried out hundreds of devastating assaults in Iraq including this April 2010 car bomb attack outside the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. Iraq stepped up security after Osama bin Laden was killed earlier this week. (Photo: Metrography)
6 May 11
Al-Qaeda leader is not thought to have ever set foot in the country, but it became one of his main battlegrounds.
4 May 11
IWPR human rights conference links journalists, activists, lawyers and officials.
Shia Iraqis took to the streets last month to call for regime change in Bahrain, where the government has been accused of human rights abuses in its crackdown on the opposition. Iraqi support for Bahrain's Shia majority has drawn controversy domestically and angered the Gulf states, which have called for the upcoming Iraq-hosted Arab summit to be cancelled. (Photo: IWPR)
15 Apr 11
Iraq’s Sunni politicians and Gulf states express disquiet at the criticism of the Bahrain authorities’ crackdown.
The remnants of a statue of Saddam Hussein, famously pulled down on April 9, 2003, have become one of Baghdad’s landmarks. The statue stood in Firdos square in front of the14 July mosque. Firdos square has served as one of the primary locations for protests over a plethora of issues in recent years. (Photo: Hazim al-Sharaa/IWPR)
Photo Essay
15 Apr 11
Progress has been slow, with the country strill riven by social, economic and security problems.
Khalil Malik Hassan Abu-Dhalam: “I still wonder whether Iraq would be different today if the world had taken our side in 1991.” (Photo: Emad al-Sharaa)
First Person
7 Apr 11
Former fighter recalls the brutally-suppressed rebellion against Saddam regime two decades ago.
Iraqi journalists at IWPR Iraq's office in Baghdad take part in a webchat with Al-Jazeera journalist Ayman Mohyeldin, during which they discussed citizen journalism and social media. (Photo: Haider Khudhr/IWPR)
1 Apr 11
Al-Jazeera star reporter leads live IWPR-facilitated online discussion on prospects for recent media innovations in Arab world.