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25 Jun 14
"They left everything behind and ran for their lives.”
Refugees from Mosul arrive at a Kurdish checkpoint near a temporary camp, June 14. (Photo: Dan Kitwood/copyright Getty Images)
17 Jun 14
Insurgents still hold Mosul and other key Sunni towns.
Iraqis fleeing violence arrive at a Kurdish checkpoint next to a temporary displacement camp at Kalak. June 14, 2014. (Photo: Dan Kitwood/copyright Getty Images)
14 Jun 14
Reports of fight-back come as Iraq’s most senior Shia cleric calls for volunteers to fight insurgents.
A young porter passes an Iraqi police vehicle in Baghdad, March 2013. (Photo: Ali Arkady/Metrography/Getty Images)
13 Nov 13
Continuing conflict keeps many focused on emigration.
Nawshirwan Mustafa of the Movement for Change in Iraqi Kurdistan. Picture from 2007. (Photo: Vindheim/Wikimedia Commons)
18 Oct 13
Third force now in second place, upsetting long tradition of power being contested or shared between two big parties.
12 Aug 13
Most want a system that lets them handpick politicians, but none is prepared to say so out loud.
Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki . (Photo: Ahmed al-Baghdadi)
3 Jul 13
Will erosion of the State of Law party help shape a new kind of politics?
An Iraqi journalist from Alsumaria TV interviews a construction contractor in Baghdad, May 2009. (Photo: James Selesnick/US Army/WikiCommons)
2 May 13
Despite ongoing violence, some reporters argue that excessive security checks stop them getting the story.
Demonstration in Iraq's Anbar province in support of the Syrian uprising, February 2012.  (Photo: Iraq Revolution)
1 May 13
Uncertain allegiances and fears of spillover.
24 Dec 12
Critics say law combines sweeping descriptions of “information crimes” with excessive penalties.