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10 May 02
Questions are being raised over foreign funding of Muslim organisations - and exactly what that money buys.
1 Feb 02
With Heidar Aliev's visit to Moscow, Azerbaijan and Russia have buried more of their differences.
24 Nov 01
Influential clerics within the Croatian Catholic Church remain among the fiercest opponents of cooperation with The Hague war crimes tribunal.
23 Mar 01
Chechnya's rival leaders are waging a war of words in cyberspace
5 Jan 01
The long-running dispute over the division of the assets of former Yugoslavia may soon be resolved
20 Oct 00
The war in Chechnya has inspired new political sympathies between Russia and Israel - but President Putin is still wary of taking sides in the Middle East crisis
19 Sep 00
Serbia's relations with its last European ally turn sour.
8 Sep 00
With only 16 days to go, the Milosevic bandwagon rolls ever closer to the inevitable election victory fanfare.
5 Sep 00
Romania has in recent years become a transit centre for clandestine immigration to the European Union
14 Jul 00
Whilst waging a bitter campaign in Chechnya, President Vladimir Putin is fighting rearguard actions against the Russian oligarchs and the regional governors. Perhaps he has bitten off more than he can chew.