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21 Feb 05
There are fears that the US attack on Iraq will shift international attention away from Afghanistan.
21 Feb 05
Religious leaders have been learning how to promote and maintain Afghanistan’s new stability.
21 Feb 05
Protest over government's record on pay and employment also hears anti-American sentiments.
21 Feb 05
Students in Jalalabad say campus clampdown is a blow for democracy.
21 Feb 05
With only a sixth of eligible voters in northern provinces registered so far, elections scheduled for September may have to be postponed again.
9 Feb 05
President’s supporters appear unconcerned as two factions continue boycott in support of a referendum to oust him.
8 Dec 04
Ten years on, the violence in Chechnya has bred a wholly different kind of warfare.
6 Oct 04
Parliament begins to ponder president’s plan to send Armenians to Iraq.
6 Sep 04
Chechen warrior Shamil Basayev is a prime suspect in the Beslan attack. Rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov has condemned it, but is facing fury from the Russians.