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Global Voices

13 Sep 02
Macedonian politicians must resist temptations to destabilise the upcoming elections.
28 Aug 02
A former intelligence operative is charged with leaking information to the extremists he was supposed to be keeping under surveillance.
28 Aug 02
Bucharest hopes its firm support for US action on Iraq and strong stand against suspected extremist groups will ease its path into NATO.
23 Aug 02
Many Albanians believe the Kosovo's judicial system is weighted against them.
10 Jul 02
The UN is racing against time to avert a renewed American bid to block its peacekeeping operation in Bosnia
20 Jun 02
Historic ties with Jerusalem and its environs give Armenians special reason to be worried about the worsening violence in the Middle East
10 May 02
Questions are being raised over foreign funding of Muslim organisations - and exactly what that money buys.
1 Feb 02
With Heidar Aliev's visit to Moscow, Azerbaijan and Russia have buried more of their differences.
24 Nov 01
Influential clerics within the Croatian Catholic Church remain among the fiercest opponents of cooperation with The Hague war crimes tribunal.
23 Mar 01
Chechnya's rival leaders are waging a war of words in cyberspace