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Global Voices

11 Apr 03
Council of Europe is pressing for a special international tribunal to deal with war crimes in Chechnya.
3 Apr 03
A Russian Orthodox church in Baku has opened its doors for the first time in eight decades.
27 Mar 03
Tbilisi is dramatically shoring up its military alliance with the United States
20 Mar 03
Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia support United States to various degrees, but worry about war's impact on their own region.
14 Mar 03
The annual pilgrimage to Mecca this February brought big money to some Dagestanis, and a lot of trouble to others.
13 Feb 03
Georgia's Kurdish community say they are in danger of losing their culture, language and faith.
30 Jan 03
Chechen refugees fear they will be the losers in Georgia's campaign to clear the Pankisi Gorge of Islamic militants.
28 Oct 02
The most frightening explanation of the Moscow terror siege is that the Chechen militants were acting on their own.
24 Oct 02
The federal president's decision to retain Milosevic-era military officials may have precipitated recent Baghdad arms scandal.
17 Oct 02
Officials in Belgrade have given the American government secret details of Saddam Hussein's war machine.