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9 Feb 05
President’s supporters appear unconcerned as two factions continue boycott in support of a referendum to oust him.
8 Dec 04
Ten years on, the violence in Chechnya has bred a wholly different kind of warfare.
6 Oct 04
Parliament begins to ponder president’s plan to send Armenians to Iraq.
6 Sep 04
Chechen warrior Shamil Basayev is a prime suspect in the Beslan attack. Rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov has condemned it, but is facing fury from the Russians.
14 Jul 04
Resettlement programme aimed at bolstering depressed border regions is gaining momentum.
7 Jul 04
After a turbulent first half-year as president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili shows no signs of slowing down.
18 Mar 04
Allegation made to the UN that Nagorny Karabakh is used as narcotics route is angrily denied by the Armenians.
22 Jan 04
America is strongly backing a move to end Russia’s military presence in the republic – possibly so it can then send in its own personnel.
18 Dec 03
The extraordinary career of the man who dominated Azerbaijan for more than 30 years.