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18 Feb 11
Iraqi trainees say they learnt important journalistic lessons from IWPR course.
Baghdad protesters demonstrate in support of the anti-Mubarak Egyptian movement last week. (Photo: Hazim al-Sharaa)
8 Feb 11
But despite anger over ineffective government, there’s little sign of them emulating the North African revolts.
Sadr City makes up about five per cent of Baghdad's total area, yet houses half the city's population.  (Photo:Sgt. Jerry Saslav/DVIDSHUB)
IWPR Postcard
8 Feb 11
Some are less obvious than others as Sadr City undergoes cultural and economic change.
24 Jan 11
Their offence at celebration of Asia Cup victory points to worrying intolerance of secular way of life.
7 Jan 11
Much of the criticism of the IHEC has betrayed the partisan nature of the Iraqi press.
5 Jan 11
Iraqi trainees say they learnt important journalistic lessons from IWPR course.
Editorial Comment
22 Dec 10
Iraqi Kurdistan enjoys a vibrant media scene, but it remains beset with a multitude of problems.
Kirkuk residents survey the aftermath of a triple car bomb attack in November. Fear of violence in disputed areas such as Kirkuk has forced the delay of Iraq's nationwide census, but native Kirkukis say reports of ethnic tension are overblown. (Photo: Metrography)
22 Dec 10
Residents of disputed area say they get along pretty well, claiming politicians are behind talk of rising tensions.
IWPR Insight
17 Dec 10
Many people have abandoned the al-Shohada neighbourhood close to the Abu Ghraib prison, believing their homes are haunted by the ghosts of people tortured there. (Photo: Uthman al-Muktar)
17 Dec 10
People living in vicinity of infamous jail say its dark legacy has cursed their lives.