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Global Voices

Khalil Malik Hassan Abu-Dhalam: “I still wonder whether Iraq would be different today if the world had taken our side in 1991.” (Photo: Emad al-Sharaa)
First Person
7 Apr 11
Former fighter recalls the brutally-suppressed rebellion against Saddam regime two decades ago.
Iraqi journalists at IWPR Iraq's office in Baghdad take part in a webchat with Al-Jazeera journalist Ayman Mohyeldin, during which they discussed citizen journalism and social media. (Photo: Haider Khudhr/IWPR)
1 Apr 11
Al-Jazeera star reporter leads live IWPR-facilitated online discussion on prospects for recent media innovations in Arab world.
Supporters of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki have dismissed suggestions that he rejected Sunni-supported candidates for the defence minister’s on sectarian grounds.
31 Mar 11
Defence and interior ministry posts still vacant more than a year after Iraq’s parliamentary elections.
Thousands of people in Sadr City, Baghdad's largest district, protest on March 18 against the Bahrain government's crackdown on Shia demonstrators. Iraq's Shia say they are worried about the clampdown on protesters and the deployment of troops from Sunni-majority Gulf nations. (Photo: IWPR)
24 Mar 11
Demonstrations held daily in Shia areas of Iraq, fuelled by anger over Bahrain’s crackdown on anti-regime movement.
Protests on February 22 in the centre of Sulaimaniyah, which demonstrators have dubbed Freedom Square. (Photo: Ara Ibrahim)
Story Behind the Story
21 Mar 11
Halabja struggles to move on 23 years after Iraqi military forces bombarded the Kurdish town with chemical weapons. (Photo: Kamaran Najm/Metrography)
IWPR Postcard
21 Mar 11
Those who survived Saddam's chemical attack two decades ago feel badly let down by the Kurdish authorities.
Iraq's Christians and Yezidis - the only groups permitted to sell alcohol in Iraq - say Baghdad's crackdown on alcohol shops dealt them an economic blow and deepened uncertainty about their future. (Photo: Hazim al-Sharaa/IWPR)
17 Mar 11
Federal authorities lift prohibition, but Baghdad officials warn sales could be restricted in future.