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Momcilo Perisic. (Photo: ICTY)
Briefly Noted
25 Mar 14
Prosecution wanted review of decision it said was based on use of “erroneous legal standard”.
Dragan Ivetic, defence lawyer in the Mladic case at the ICTY. (Photo: ICTY)
21 Mar 14
Defence lawyer asks judges to consider dropping individual charges, rather than only acquitting defendant due to lack of evidence to support entire counts.
Radovan Karadzic in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Briefly Noted
21 Mar 14
Filing related to a previously unknown grave site found in Prijedor last year.
Azemina Sulejmanovic in her old "classroom" where a teacher used to come and home-school her. (Photo: Sanja Vrzić)
19 Mar 14
Images of life in a remote village for a Bosniak family with nowhere else to go.
17 Mar 14
Displaced family from Srebrenica still dream of finding a permanent home 20 years after the war.
Briefly Noted
14 Mar 14
Defendant had claimed the American embassy monitored confidential calls with lawyer.
Briefly Noted
13 Mar 14
Newly uncovered burial site said to be “directly relevant” to charges.
A woman raped by Croat soldiers looks at the house in which she was detained and abused in October 1993. (Photo: IWPR)
7 Mar 14
A convicted war criminal’s escape revives painful memories for Bosniaks of Stupni Do.
Radovan Karadzic, former Bosnian Serb political leader in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Briefly Noted
2 Mar 14
Although unproven, the agreement may be a mitigating factor if defendant is found guilty.
Banja Luka city centre. (Photo: Maja Bjelajac)
2 Mar 14
Both of Bosnia’s administrative territories face the same problems of unemployment and corruption, but only the Federation has seen protests so far.


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Moslawi traditional band playing music from the 19th century. (Photo: IWPR)
Hugely popular event highlights city’s rehabilitation and recovery.