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ICTY - International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

Momcilo Krajisnik, defence witness in the Karadzic trial. (Photo: ICTY)
Velma Šarić
19 Nov 13
Bosnian Serb wartime politician Momcilo Krajisnik accuses the other side of seeking conflict.
Richard Higgs, prosecution witness in the Mladic trial. (Photo: ICTY)
Velma Šarić
12 Nov 13
Artillery expert disputes defence lawyer’s argument that mortars can’t be aimed accurately.
Vujadin Popovic, defence witness in the Karadzic trial. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
8 Nov 13
Wartime army intelligence officer says president knew nothing of killings, and he did not see any happening himself.
Defence witness Jovan Zametica. (Photo: ICTY)
Velma Šarić
1 Nov 13
Former close associate claims defendant exerted little authority over Bosnian Serb army.
Dora Sokola, witness in the Mladic trial at the ICTY. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
25 Oct 13
Witness was instructed to take notes on what defendant said in courtroom earlier this year.
Andras Riedlmayer, expert witness who gave testimony in the trial of former Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
22 Oct 13
Specialist says mosques were often damaged and used as rubbish dumps.
Jovan Susic, prosecution witness in the trial of Croatian Serb political leader Goran Hadzic. (Photo: ICTY)
Velma Šarić
18 Oct 13
Croat detainees were subsequently murdered and buried in mass grave.
Mico Stanisic in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Rachel Irwin
18 Oct 13
Defence team argues that right to fair trial has been “irreparably violated”.
Film screening followed by a discussion in Brčko. (Photo: Velma Šarić)
Velma Šarić
16 Oct 13
Teenagers explore issues of tolerance after viewing documentary series.
Rachel Irwin
11 Oct 13
Former Bosnian Serb leader wanted to give interview to German reporter.