Merdijana Sadović

Senior Project Manager

Merdijana Sadovic

Merdijana Sadović joined IWPR in 2004, originally as a reporter, and then as the Regional Director for Western Balkans. She has been working on media development, international justice and reconciliation projects in the region for more than 15 years. She was a field producer for ABC News and their Sarajevo bureau chief from 1995 till 2004, covering the war in Bosnia, the deployment of NATO troops and post-war reconstruction. Merdijana is also an experienced radio journalist, who worked for the Bosnian National Radio and various local radio stations as a producer, host and editor-in-chief.

Stories by the Author

The ICTY Has Key Lessons for a Ukraine Tribunal

Realistic expectations will be needed to manage painfully slow and often disputed justice processes that are unlikely to contribute to reconciliation.

9 Aug 22
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