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Bosnia's Homeless Team with coach Elmedin Skrebo (far right, standing). (Photo: IWPR)
Special Report
14 Aug 13
International project helps homeless and underprivileged players to help themselves.
Participants of the round table - students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Eastern Sarajevo, departments of journalism and sociology. (Photo: Mladen Lakic)
18 Jun 13
Young people need more awareness of LGBT issues, participants say.
13 Feb 13
In Nangarhar, some say texts for new school curriculum are too hard, others that they are plain wrong.
20 Sep 12
Education more effective than repression in turning young minds away from extremism, experts say.
4 May 12
Steady brain drain deprives country of its best and brightest.
Shops in Baghdad's Karrada district sell emo fashions and accessories. (Photo: Emad al-Sharaa)
26 Mar 12
Increasing attacks reported against fans of subculture style.