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One of the training sessions in the IWPR Baghdad office. (Photo: IWPR)
3 Mar 16
Understanding the phenomenon helps develop ways to combat violence and promote co-existence.
Students at the Catholic Gimnasium Sveti Franjo in Tuzla discussed reconciliation. (Photo: Maja Nikolic)
28 Jan 16
Documentaries deal with war’s legacy as well as ways to co-exist.
12 Oct 15
Government accused of failing to provide enough jobs to keep young people at home.
27 Feb 15
Political prisoner tells the life story of a young cellmate who spent his teenage years living homeless on the streets of Baku.
25 Feb 15
Rising rates of alcohol dependence among young people.
Afghan women at a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo: Ben Barber (USAID/Wikipedia)
6 Aug 14
Societal pressures and post-conflict trauma blamed for increase in young people trying to kill themselves.
Nehrudin Cikaric helps a younger boy with maths at the Day Care Centre for vulnerable children. (Photo: Una Čilić)
2 May 14
Discrimination, poverty and community issues make it hard for young people from Roma community to get on.
Young people sitting in a cafe during working hours. Some analysts accuse the young generation in Bosnia of wasting their time rather than being proactive in finding work. (Photo: Aida Halvadzija)
9 Apr 14
With unemployment among young people close to 60 per cent, even the best university education is no guarantee of a job.
Mariam Martirosyan, Armenia director for PH International. (Photo courtesy of M. Martirosyan)
7 Mar 14
Everyone agrees community-based rehabilitation has worked, but the government doesn’t have the money to pick up the costs.
22 Nov 13
Locals caught in the middle when gangs clash.