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Young journalists receive training in responsible reporting and countering violent extremism. (Photo: IWPR)
16 Jun 16
This key sector can play an important role in supporting rule of law and combating radicalisation.
Workshops focused on learning new social media skills. (Photo: IWPR Iraq)
19 Feb 16
Trainings focus on safety, content and optimising social media impact
19 Feb 16
Participants learn how to optimise their reach and stay safe online.
Nino Chipchiuri accepts her award at the January 20 ceremony. (Photo: IWPR Georgia)
12 Feb 16
Award recognises reporting that promotes peaceful solutions to conflict.
8 Sep 14
More than 50 web users join online lessons over three weeks.
23 Jun 14
Facebook campaign encourages web users to sharpen up online safety skills.
 IWPR digital security expert Bahaa Nasr explains how to use encrypted emails. (Photo: IWPR)
16 Jun 14
Courses provide skills for trainers to take back to their own countries.
30 May 14
Week of activities to inform web users of threats they face and how to address them.
Portrait of a man from Sidi Bouzid who lives off the scraps people at the city market offer him. (Photo: Aymen Hamdi)
25 Sep 13
Pictures show daily life in all its colours.
At a shelter for homeless people in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. (Picture taken by a participant in IWPR photojournalism training course, December 2011.)
9 Feb 12
Images of Kyrgyzstan reflect freedom to depict social ills regarded as taboo in Uzbekistan.