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22 Jun 12
Balkh governor demands legal action after NGO survey reveals criticism of teaching standards.
28 May 12
Short work-placement scheme will do little to assuage students’ hunger for jobs to pay for their studies, critics say.
20 Apr 12
Schools get history books that miss out all the bad bits.
20 Apr 12
Nangarhar undergraduates sleep 25 to a four-person room.
Special Investigation
29 Mar 12
Millions of dollars spent on staff who don’t turn up for work.
11 Feb 12
Education, journalism and other areas held back by technology gap in Uruzgan.
Children at a state school in Kabul. Critics of private education say the state system has better teachers and a more consistent curriculum. (Photo: Staff Sgt. Stacey Haga/ISAF/Flickr)
31 Oct 11
Education ministry closes ten schools and warns many others to raise standards.
Many gypsy children do not go to school at all. (Photo: Shorena Latatia)
16 Sep 11
Children miss out on education, adults on full benefits of citizenship.