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12 Mar 14
Archaeological treasures in Nangarhar province left to decay as officials say they lack the resources to preserve them.
Tents provide the classrooms for this school in Afghanistan's Khost province. (Photo: Ahmad Shah)
5 Mar 14
Large numbers enrolled in school as old prejudices fall away.
Armenian officer cadets. The government suspects that many less willing recruits go abroad to study instead. (Photo: Photolure agency)
17 Feb 14
Officials say refundable payment will deter those going abroad merely to escape army service.
Gagik Yeganyan, head of Armenia's migration agency. (Photo: Photolure agency)
14 Feb 14
Foreign nationals without extended residence rights restricted to staying three months out of six in Russia.
One of the protesting parents, Muhizin Omerovic, holds up a school timetable based on the Serb curriculum. (Photo: Ajdin Kamber)
5 Feb 14
Children stay off school for months in dispute over language, history and other subjects.
21 Oct 13
For those who brave risks and attend, space is limited as many schools are occupied by refugees and soldiers.
A school in Helmand province, Afghanistan. (Photo: Gol Ahmad Ehsan)
7 May 13
With security improving, tens of thousands of children are still prevented from resuming their education.