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A woman teaches children drawing in the Saif al-Dawla neighbourhood of Aleppo. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi)
19 Jun 15
In areas outside government control, a patchwork of opposition groups run their own schools.
5 Jun 15
Despite security worries, a young women insists on going to university.
2 Jun 15
Local initiative provides youngsters with educational and psychological support.
A dilapidated classroom in Aleppo’s Amro bin As School. (Photo: Mahmud Abu Sheikh)
26 May 15
A girl’s story of trying to get through secondary school and pass government-run exams.
22 May 15
A young man is seized by government forces while on his way to an exam.
On a see-saw at the SOS Children's Village. (Photo: Jibek Karakeeva. Picture published with kind permission of SOS's Oksana Orozbaeva)
20 May 15
Experts say contrast between care of children in state and private homes has huge impact on their prospects.
11 May 15
New programme will only help a limited number of young people with autism.
23 Jan 15
More than three decades of war continue to hamper the school system.
19 Dec 14
Taleban footsoldiers are typically the least educated members of society, Farah residents say.
17 Dec 14
Custom often dictates that boys get an education while girls are left "one step behind", speakers at discussion events say.