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23 Jan 15
More than three decades of war continue to hamper the school system.
19 Dec 14
Taleban footsoldiers are typically the least educated members of society, Farah residents say.
17 Dec 14
Custom often dictates that boys get an education while girls are left "one step behind", speakers at discussion events say.
1 Dec 14
Literacy rates remain poor in Nangarhar despite adult education programmes.
1 Dec 14
Crucial route will link provinces and boost local economy, but after seven years’ work, it still isn’t ready.
IWPR’s Yerevan office hosted a debate on pension reform on November 26. (Photo: IWPR)
1 Dec 14
As government dithers, university staff leave their posts.
5 Nov 14
Influx from North Waziristan puts strain on already overburdened system.
Teachers and others take part in the Uzbek cotton harvest. This picture was taken in the Jizzak region. (Photo: Yelena Urlaeva)
5 Nov 14
Pupils miss out on lessons as teachers go off to the fields.
Moscow State University’s original building, reconstructed after the fire of 1812. (Photo: A. Savin/Wikimedia Commons)
26 Sep 14
Decision to open a branch of Moscow university seen as attempt to strengthen Russia's hand in the country.
An abandoned village school in Armenia. (Photo: Arevik Sahakyan)
24 Sep 14
Falling numbers of pupils mean many have to travel further for their education.