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This NCOs block has not been renovated since it was built in 1978. (Photo: Samuel Malik)
Investigative Report
5 Apr 16
Despite state investment, residents struggle with water shortages and dilapidated housing.
Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan. (Photo: Cercamon/Flickr)
19 Feb 16
Many border areas are either lawless or controlled by militants, raising the prospect of destabilisation.
9 Nov 15
Rising instability in northern Afghanistan prompts security rethink.
11 Sep 15
Five deaths under unclear circumstances suggest culture of violence continues.
Afghan national security adviser Hanif Atmar (right) signs the Bilateral Security Agreement with US ambassador James Cunningham. September 30. (Photo: US State Department)
17 Oct 14
Collective sigh of relief as pact is signed, though some warn it’s a gift to Taleban recruiters.
Members of Kyrgyzstan's armed forces on parade. (Photo: Kyrgyz presidential press office)
27 Sep 12
Bullying, low morale and underfunding leave conscript forces in poor shape.
IWPR Armenia event held on 24 November 2010. (Photo: IWPR)
19 Jan 11
In-depth reports on non-combat deaths in the military followed up with debate on reasons behind the worrying trend.