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The Arab Spring

IWPR in-depth coverage of the revolutions and protest movements breaking out across the Middle East provides a platform for Arab journalists and activists to air their views on and analysis of the turmoil.


Dates active: 
2011 to 2012
Caricature depicting a bloodthirsty Gaddafi in Al-Bayda - but now the rebels are being accused of human rights violations. (Photo: ليبي صح/Wikimedia)
Barrett Holmes Pitner
13 Sep 11
Rights organisations urge interim Tripoli authority to curb reported abuses and commit to fair system of justice.
Life slowly returning to normal in Tripoli following overthrow of Gadaffi regime. (Photo: Pany Goff/Wikimedia)
Basma Mansuri
12 Sep 11
She describes wartime months of paranoia, fear and resistance in Tripoli.
Syrian protesters in Baniyas in May. (Photo: Syrian Freedom/Flickr)
Radwan Ziadeh
9 Sep 11
Exiled opposition figure based in Washington tells of harassment and arrest of relatives back home.
Social protesters in Israel express sympathy for Gaza victims of Israeli raid following attacks in southern Israel. An activist carries a placard with a photo of a Gazan boy killed  in the raid. (Photo: Yossi Gurvitz/Flickr)
Michal Levertov
8 Sep 11
Amid growing tensions with Egypt, leaders and peace activists at odds over implications of uprisings for country’s security.
The giant screens outside the courtroom where former President Hosni is on trial have formed the backdrop to fierce protests by both his supporters and his opponents. (Photo: Maggie Osama/Flickr)
Mohamed El Dahshan
6 Sep 11
Others argue that there are more pressing issues than showing trial live on TV.
Oil storage tanks near Syria’s border with Iraq bearing the image of late president Hafez al-Assad and his sons. (Photo: Richard Messenger/Flickr)
Zoe Holman
2 Sep 11
Still unclear whether new measures will deal critical blow to regime.
Ennahda, an Islamist party, is one of the few groups whose political ideology is known to many Tunisian voters. (Photo: Flickr/Magharebia)
Barrett Holmes Pitner
2 Sep 11
Voters finding it hard to pick which party to vote amid deluge of information from media.
 Demonstrators burn a copy of Muammar Gaddafi’s Green Book outside the Libyan embassy in Cairo to celebrate the rebels’ entry into Tripoli. (Photo: Maggie Osama/Flickr)
Mohamed Maklouf
1 Sep 11
Old regime needs to be rooted out in order for new Libya to emerge, activist says.
Asaib Ahl al-Haq shows off some of its weapons. (Photo: IWPR)
Emad al-Shara
31 Aug 11
A Shia militia in Iraq has stepped up its attacks on United States troops, warning them to withdraw by the end of December or face an escalation in violence.