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The Arab Spring

IWPR in-depth coverage of the revolutions and protest movements breaking out across the Middle East provides a platform for Arab journalists and activists to air their views on and analysis of the turmoil.


Dates active: 
2011 to 2012
Protesters in Homs. (Photo: Syriana2011/Flickr)
Salam Hafez
14 Oct 11
Homs activist describes the hardships and hopes of local protestors.
The Egyptian army is falling out of favour with the public. (Photo: Zeinab Mohamed/Flickr)
Katharine Helmore
12 Oct 11
Protests grow over extension of emergency law and ongoing military rule.
The Sayedat al-Najat Syriac Catholic church in Baghdad. (Photo: Rafy/Wikimedia)
Samah Samad
12 Oct 11
They have fled in droves to escape sectarian violence, but now Kurdish politicians are helping some rebuild their lives.
A funeral for one of the victims of the violence of October 9. (Photo: Bora S Kamel/Flickr)
Bassem Raouf
11 Oct 11
Tensions grows after violence on October 9 which left 26 people dead and more than 300 injured.
Protests in the  Damascus suburb of Douma ealier this year. (Photo: Syriana2011/Flickr)
Syrian activist
10 Oct 11
He tells of months of suffering at the hands of the secret police.
Syrian protesters in the city of Homs. (Photo: Syriana2011/Flickr)
Salam Hafez
7 Oct 11
Syrian Free Army say intervention would prompt large-scale defections from government forces.
Tunisian elections officials hold a press conference. (Photo: Habib Mhenni)
Fouad Hamdan
6 Oct 11
Personal integrity and credibility of candidates likely to be more important than ideology.
The air strike that killed Anwar al-Awlaki (seen here in 2008) came just a week after the Yemeni president returned to the country after a long absence. (Photo: Muhammad ud-Deen/WikiCommons)
Afrah Nasser
5 Oct 11
Timing of intelligence that led to strike against al-Qaeda figure suggests effort to portray President Saleh as last defence against extremists.
Demonstrators hold up flowers at a protest in the Syrian town of Banias earlier this year. (Photo: Syria-Frames-Of-Freedom/Flickr)
Zoe Holman
3 Oct 11
Questions raised about landmark council’s ability to bring together activists inside and outside the country.