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The Arab Spring

IWPR in-depth coverage of the revolutions and protest movements breaking out across the Middle East provides a platform for Arab journalists and activists to air their views on and analysis of the turmoil.


Dates active: 
2011 to 2012
Abeer Mohammed
3 Nov 11
Arab countries embracing democracy should learn from the costly mistakes made in Iraq’s post-Saddam era.
Protests in Douma, a suburb of Damascus, earlier this year. (Photo: Syriana2011/Flickr)
Zoe Holman
3 Nov 11
Regime is given two weeks to withdraw troops, release prisoners and allow international organisations into Syria.
Mourners carry a coffin of a victim  of the Maspero clashes with the army. (Photo: Bora S Kamel/Flickr)
Katharine Helmore
27 Oct 11
Community has long borne the brunt of systematic discrimination, but now face violence from Islamic extremists.
Yemeni women protest in Sanaa. (Photo: Avaaz)
Katharine Helmore
27 Oct 11
Demonstration in Sanaa highlights role of female activists in ongoing uprising.
Salam Hafez
25 Oct 11
Journalists trying to cover the Yemeni uprising have come under severe pressure from the authorities. (Photo: Sallam/Flickr)
Afrah Nasser
24 Oct 11
Exiled journalist describes the threats and intimidation directed against the local press.
The Bilal bin Rabah Mosque in Bayda. What role will Islamists play in a post-Gaddafi Libya?
Michael Klimes
21 Oct 11
From moderates to radical jihadists, Islamic groups need to buy into democratic process, leading analyst says.
Libyans say that if Gaddafi had been captured alive, he would have continued to create problems.
Sara Giaziry
21 Oct 11
Exultant Libyans say they feel reborn following the killing of Gaddafi who for so long cast a dark shadow over so many of his people.
Election rally in Djem. (Photo: Bellyglad/Flickr)
Ramy Jarboui
20 Oct 11
With many Tunisians still undecided, campaigning reaches fever pitch in run-up to Arab Spring’s first election.
Salam Hafez
19 Oct 11
Many Syrian activists have denounced the Arab League call for talks as effectively a green light for Assad to attempt to crush will of demonstrators.