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The Arab Spring

IWPR in-depth coverage of the revolutions and protest movements breaking out across the Middle East provides a platform for Arab journalists and activists to air their views on and analysis of the turmoil.


Dates active: 
2011 to 2012
Rally in Idlib in support of the Free Syria Army, February 2012. (Photo: Freedom House/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
13 Mar 12
Activist says world seems to have forgotten about Syria’s plight.
Marie Colvin.
IWPR staff
22 Feb 12
Marie Colvin was one of a handful of reporters on the ground in Homs describing the human cost of bombardment.
View of central Sanaa. Picture taken 2007. (Photo: Fabian Pfeiffer/Flickr)
William Shaw
21 Feb 12
Presidential referendum offers hope of change, even though there’s only one candidate.
A market in downtown Amman. (Photo: Hubert Stoffels/Flickr)
Abeer Mohammed
21 Feb 12
Amman mixes secular and conservative identities.
	Posters of President Bashar al-Assad. (Photo: James Gordon/Flickr)</p>
William Shaw
16 Feb 12
Fears that President Assad now believes he has a free hand to crush rebellion by military force.
Egyptian rights activist Dalia Ziada. (Photo: D. Ziada)
Daniella Peled
9 Feb 12
Activist welcomes steps towards free expression and political engagement, but notes little real change on women’s rights.
Libyan embassy London, autumn 2011. (Photo: Gordon2208/Flickr)
William Shaw
3 Feb 12
New diplomatic staff tasked with rebuilding relations and recovering stolen state assets. Deputy mission chief Ahmed Gebreel talks about breaking with the Gaddafi regime.
Protest in the Douma area of Damascus, 2011. (Photo: Syriana2011/Flickr)
Zoe Holman
30 Jan 12
Talk of sectarian and ethnic schisms isn’t just regime propaganda, observers say.
Rebel fighters outside Bin Jawad, March  2011. (Photo: Nasser Nouri)
William Shaw
25 Jan 12
Progress needed on security, economy and governance to dispel unhappiness with transitional authorities.
A poster of President Bashar al-Assad on a wall in the Syrian capital Damascus. (Photo: Sean Long/Flickr)
Fouad Hamdan
18 Jan 12
Syrian president has shown by his actions that removing him is the only option.