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Zarina Ergasheva

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Qurghonteppa in southern Tajikistan is located in a region with a historically mixed Uzbek and Tajik population. (Photo: VargaA/Wikimedia Commons)
Zarina Ergasheva, Bilol Shams
28 Jul 14
Kyrgyzstan's growing ties with Moscow give it added clout in region but could prove a liability.
Tajik workers on a Moscow building site. (Photo: Kirill Kuzmin)
Zarina Ergasheva
20 Apr 13
Poor grasp of Russian leaves younger migrants unable to fend for themselves.
Dushanbe airport, where one HIV expert would like to see screening for returning migrants. (Photo: Galim Faskhutdinov)
Haramgul Qodir, Zarina Ergasheva
12 Dec 12
Authorities insist labour migration is not a primary factor.
Zarina Ergasheva
16 Nov 12
Campaigners want to know why new sites are shut down without legal justification.
Zarina Ergasheva
31 Oct 12
Zarina Ergasheva
20 Sep 12
Zarina Ergasheva
30 Nov 10
Government should move from moratorium to full abolition, leading lawyer says.