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Shahla Sultanova

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Rasul Jafarov, the campaign coordinator of the "Sing for Democracy" campaign in Azerbaijan. (Photo courtesy of R. Jafarov)
Shahla Sultanova
11 May 12
If anything, pressure on free speech has intensified in recent weeks, rights activists say.
Shahla Sultanova
17 Apr 12
Recipients unhappy that payouts will fall far short of what they put in.
Young man draped in Azerbaijani flag at the demonstration in Baku. (Photo: Shahla Sultanova)
Shahla Sultanova
30 Mar 12
Scuffles as police move in after rock singer insults president.
Shahla Sultanova
26 Mar 12
Reporter describes how things get very personal if you ask people how they feel about Armenians.
Shahla Sultanova
9 Mar 12
Homeowners say they were summarily evicted and offered poor compensation in land clearance for song contest venue.
Standard history textbooks used in Azerbaijani schools. (Photo: Shahla Sultanova)
Haykuhi Barseghyan, Shahla Sultanova
2 Mar 12
In each country, school textbooks teach one version of history that sustains animosity towards the other.
Shahla Sultanova
14 Apr 11
Police accused of branding all Salafi Muslims as potential troublemakers.