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Marija Arnautovic

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Jandro Curic, Muhamed Alijagic and Osman Muslic (left to right). (Photo: Midhat Poturovic)
Marija Arnautovic
21 Sep 12
Bihac is one of the few places where conflict failed to drive a wedge between communities.
Adila Tiro, from a village near Rogatice, eastern Bosnia. (Photo: Midhat Poturovic)
Marija Arnautovic
28 Dec 11
Funding for victim support does not always translate into visible change for vulnerable groups.
Srebrenica massacre memorial  - the wall of names. (Photo: Wikimedia)
Marija Arnautovic
27 May 11
Arrest offers little comfort to woman whose husband and sons were among those killed after the fall of the town.
Jovan Divjak was a general in the Bosnian army during the 1992-95 war.
Marija Arnautovic
15 Mar 11
Some say detention of Bosnian general underlines lack of regional cooperation over war crimes investigations.
Marija Arnautovic
22 Nov 10
Report by Balkan think-tank says victims' groups are exploited by local politicians across the country.
Marija Arnautovic
26 Aug 10
Ex-combatants from rival warring factions say they are now model of ethnic tolerance.
Marija Arnautovic
8 Jul 10
Marija Arnautovic
28 Jun 10
Working group sets out areas where efforts need to be improved.
The 16th century Visegrad bridge, which has come to symbolise the horrors of the Bosnian war. (Photo: Branimir Prijak)
Marija Arnautovic
2 Jun 10
Search for released Serb war criminal reveals town still profoundly affected by wartime horrors.
Traditional old Bosnian house in Baljvine. (Photo: IWPR)
Marija Arnautovic
10 Apr 10
Residents of Baljvine, one of the few places to escape the ethnic violence that tore apart Bosnia, tell their extraordinary story. By Marija Arnautovic in Baljvine