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Lusine Musaelyan

Election posters show candidates for the July 19 presidential ballot in Nagorny Karabakh. (Photo: Anahit Danielyan)
Anahit Danielyan, Lusine Musaelyan
20 Jul 12
Facebook becomes leading campaign medium, though not all voters have internet access.
Karine Ohanyan, Lusine Musaelyan
25 Nov 11
A lasting ceasefire, punctuated by lethal shootings.
Wreckage of the pilotless drone plane brought down in Karabakh. (Photo: Nagorny Karabakh armed forces)
Lusine Musaelyan, Gayane Abrahamyan, Jasur Sumerinli
23 Sep 11
Azerbaijan denies it sent unmanned aircraft, but incident focuses attention on defence buildup in frozen conflict.