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Daniella Peled

Daniella Peled
Managing Editor

Daniella joined IWPR in September 2009. A journalist and editor with wide experience of reporting foreign affairs, particularly from the Middle East, she has trained IWPR journalists in both Iraq and Afghanistan and launched the IWPR Arab Spring project.

Stories by the author

Daniella Peled
20 Apr 11
Protesters in Minneapolis: the Libyan diaspora is rallying in support of the revolution. (Photo: Kara Allyson/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
25 Feb 11
Leading figure in the movement rejects suggestions that tribal divisions could turn into open conflict.
Israel-Egypt border. They used to have a cold peace, but what sort of relations are Egypt and Israel likely to have in future? (Photo: Jaan-Cornelius K/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
21 Feb 11
The Egyptian army has been quick to commit to all its international agreements, however ordinary people say they want more dignified relations with their neighbour.
Anti-Mubarak protesters make their presence felt in central Cairo. (Photo: Daniella Peled)
Daniella Peled
1 Feb 11
Thousands descend on central Cairo, hoping, chanting and praying for change.
Daniella Peled
31 Jan 11
They work out of anonymous London offices, but Juba's UK representatives are getting ready to come out of the shadows.
Voters turn out in large numbers in Juba, capital of South Sudan, on the first day of polling in the south's long-awaited self-determination referendum.  (Photo: UN Photo/Tim McKulka)
Daniella Peled
19 Jan 11
Security force excesses need to be curbed otherwise independence hopes may turn sour, observers say.
Demonstrators in Bi’lin in 2005 – protests have been staged here every Friday for the last six years. (Photo:  Socksasgloves)
Daniella Peled
12 Jan 11
Weekly West Bank confrontation pitting the IDF against Palestinians and Israeli sympathisers is rarely short on drama.
Some of the tens of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) arrive by truck with their few possessions at a Darfur camp. (Photo: UN/Olivier Chassot)
Daniella Peled
13 Dec 10
Concerns that international focus on referendum may be exploited by Khartoum to put squeeze on Darfuris.
Middle East editor and trainer Raed Rafei with members of the Sour (Tyre) reporting team. (Photo: IWPR)
Daniella Peled
27 Oct 10
IWPR project boosts youth participation in municipal life with the aim of increasing transparency and good governance.
Daniella Peled
29 Sep 10
Female participation in recent election reached all-time high, but hard-won gains could easily be reversed.