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Daniella Peled

Daniella Peled
Managing Editor

Daniella joined IWPR in September 2009. A journalist and editor with wide experience of reporting foreign affairs, particularly from the Middle East, she has trained IWPR journalists in both Iraq and Afghanistan and launched the IWPR Arab Spring project.

Stories by the author

The Transitional National Council is being urged to reorganise the armed forces. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
10 Aug 11
Killing of rebel commander puts pressure on Benghazi administration to rein in militias.
Activists say the Mubarak trial has to prove that Egyptian institutions can be improved and that no-one can get away with doing something wrong.  (Photo: Presidenza della Repubblica)
Daniella Peled
9 Aug 11
What purpose do they serve and is there a danger of them turning into show trials?
Morale in opposition capital Benghazi said to remain high despite murder of military commander. (Photo: Michaël S/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
8 Aug 11
Opposition sympathisers acknowledge commander’s death was a setback but insist it has not affected morale.
Are hopes of Tahrir Square protesters fading? (Photo: Ammar Al Shahbander/IWPR)
Daniella Peled
14 Jul 11
Signs that many doubt the protest movement will achieve its demands of sweeping reforms.
Daniella Peled
21 Jun 11
Tunisian protesters at the height of the uprising. Many now fear that elements from the former regime are trying to sabotage the revolution. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
24 May 11
Elements of former dictator’s regime blamed for pushing for postponement to October.
Burnt car in the coastal Syrian city of Banias. (Photo: Syriana2011/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
9 May 11
Army’s attempts to paralyse neighbourhoods reflects regime’s fear of protests spreading.
Daniella Peled
5 May 11
Long-delayed deal spurred by tumultuous political changes elsewhere in the region.
Protestor waving the Egyptian Flag during the protests in Tahrir Square, Cairo. (Photo: Jonathan Rashad/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
3 May 11
Religious and secular parties begin manoeuvring ahead of national elections later this year.
Mubarak may be gone, but Egyptians continue to flock to Cairo’s main square to urge reforms. (Photo: Ammar Al Shahbander/IWPR)
Daniella Peled
26 Apr 11
Religious movement expected be major player in coming elections, but its policies remain ambiguous.