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Asyl Osmonalieva

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Kyrgyzstan's textile industry could lose out if the country joins the Moscow-led Customs Union. (Photo: Maksat Osmonaliev)
Asyl Osmonalieva
13 Jan 14
Officials concerned that terms for joining Customs Union could do more bad than good.
Members of Kyrgyzstan's armed forces on parade. (Photo: Kyrgyz presidential press office)
Asyl Osmonalieva, Askar Erkebaev
27 Sep 12
Bullying, low morale and underfunding leave conscript forces in poor shape.
Asyl Osmonalieva
24 May 12
Islamic dress becomes more popular in previously secular urban communities.
Confrontation between a female opposition activist and a group of pro-government demonstrators in 2009. (Photo: Timur Rayimkulov; courtesy of
Alexander Kim, Asyl Osmonalieva, Inga Sikorskaya, Bakhtiyor Rasulov
6 Jan 12
In Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, police and politicians recruit women as professional campaigners or just as troublemakers.
Drivers in Kyrgyzstan are paying less for petrol, but the reduction is not significant enough to ease inflation. (Photo: Maksat Osmonaliev)
Asyl Osmonalieva
10 Feb 11
Reduced prices at pumps offset by wider economic problems.
Bubusara Ryskulova, head of the Sezim crisis centre, talks to a woman who is seeking help. (Photo: Jyldyz Albanova)
Asyl Osmonalieva, Nargiza Ryskulova
29 Nov 10
As foreign grants dwindle, NGOs turn to cash-strapped government.
Children working as porters are a common sight at markets in Kyrgyzstan such as this one in the capital Bishkek. (Photo: Asyl Osmonalieva)
Asyl Osmonalieva, Gulzat Abdurasulova
6 Nov 10
Hardship forces children to neglect schooling and go out to work.
Asyl Osmonalieva
21 Sep 10
Obvious benefits to good trading terms with Russia and Kazakstan, but economists see pitfalls as well.
Southern Kyrgyzstan will require large sums of money to restore buildings and infrastructure wrecked by ethnic clashes in June. (Photo: Pavel Gromsky)
Asyl Osmonalieva
23 Aug 10
Funding details to be confirmed after election produces new government.
 Osh, scene of worst bloodshed in Kyrgyzstan for 20 years.  (Photo by Christian Gawron
Beksultan Sadyrkulov, Asyl Osmonalieva, Isomidin Ahmedjanov, Inga Sikorskaya
21 Jun 10
Minor fistfight erupts into worst bloodshed seen in two decades.