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Many Central Asians work in the building industry in Russia. (Photo: Zarina Khushvaqt)
13 Jun 14
For most, Islam is a uniting force in an alien society, though some experts warn of Islamic radicalisation risk.
Prison visit time in Uzbekistan. (Photo: IWPR)
28 Feb 14
Authorities fail to treat or even isolate sufferers.
28 Feb 14
Recent death in detention highlights routine use of torture against suspects.
Newspaper kiosk in Uzbekistan. (Photo: IWPR)
27 Feb 14
Despite years of censorship and total state control, the authorities still feel the need to warn reporters not to stray into sensitive areas.
31 Jan 14
Row sheds light on hidden power struggles as presidential election approaches.
30 Jan 14
Human rights groups act on behalf of frightened victims.
27 Jan 14
Activists put their own safety at risk by helping others.
5 Dec 13
Rights groups say “corrective labour” is becoming routine for short sentences as well as long ones.
30 Nov 13
Shuhrat Ghaniev says EU could be useful “moderator” between authorities and NGOs.